Indepth Guide to Water Based Lubes

Sex is a part of human nature, however, there are ways to make it way better and more pleasurable.

The personal lubricant is the item which reduces friction, relieves discomfort and brings more pleasure during the sexual intercourse or masturbation. It is widely recommended by health professionals in order to deal with vaginal dryness issues or for having safe and more pleasant anal sexual intercourse. Also lubricating the clitoris increases the chances of reaching high-quality orgasms and it is an easy and inexpensive way to maximize the pleasure.

Popular types of personal lubricant

personal-lubricantThere are different types of personal lubes sold on the market. The most popular choice of personal lubricants is based on water or oil. Different types of lube have their own cons and pros, but first, let’s look to each of them individually.

The oil based lube

The lubricant is based on essential oils which mean, it is the aqua-phobic. As it is not water soluble there is no need to reapply it as often as water based lube and it lasts longer. On the other hand, many people who use oil based lubes refer to it as being messy and hard to clean off. Furthermore, oil-based lubes are not considered to be safe as it can break down the latex and it is not recommended to used with on condoms. However, the couples in monogamous relationships or individuals using sex toys for masturbation might benefit from its thick consistency and lasting qualities.

The water based lube

The water based lube is a number one choice for most couples and individuals. It is water soluble and safe to use for sexual intercourse using condoms as it does not affect the quality of latex. Water is the key compound in this type of lubes, and it is a much safer option for people who have sensitive skin. Also, it is convenient and very easy to clean taking much less time than oil based lubes. Using water based lube feels much more natural and it does not leave undesirable stains on your furniture or clothes. Even though it needs to be reapplied more often during sex, but considering all the pros, no wonder why most of the people would place it as a number one choice.

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