GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric air Fryer Review

If you have not yet discovered the GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric air Fryer, you may be in for a nice surprise. This air fryer gives you a 3. seven-quart cooking capacity, termes conseillés, adjustable temperature with vehicle shut-off, and most other characteristics you find on the much higher listed leading brand.

It rates high for consumer fulfillment for producing good results, as well as it’s noted for being convenient to use and easy to clean up. Soon after reading all the details below, you could possibly just decide that GoWISE offers all the features and gratification you want in an air fryer, and you could get it at a cost which won’t strain your budget.

Note: This review relates to two GoWISE Model Quantities:

GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electrical Air Fryer (3. several QT) Model #GW22611 (Black)

GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric powered Air Fryer (3. 8 QT) Model #GW22612 (White)

It’s the same model supplied in two colors. Recently the price difference has been little (no more than a dollar or even two).


  • 3. 6 Quart Capacity
  •  Timer (up to 30 minutes)
  •  Auto Shut-off
  •  Adjustable Temperature Command
  •  8 Cooking Pre-sets
  • 1500W – 120V, 60Hz
  • 365-day Limited Warranty on model, 30 Day Limited Warranty upon parts

As you can see, the GoWISE offers all of the best “bells & whistles”. Its contactor includes an alert that could beep when the cooking circuit is complete, and then the system will automatically shut on its own off.

The manufacturer no longer claims that the parts are dishwasher safe, but the cooking container does have a nonstick layer that makes it easier to clean.

Be aware that the pot itself is not for cooking. If you plan to make or cook liquid meals you’ll need to buy the baking pan, which is sold on their own (see the baking pan under Optional Accessories below). For the most part, the mesh holder is designed for solid foods. However, similar to meatballs will also work excellent, and the basket allows surplus grease to drain off of. Your food items just have to always be firm enough to stick jointly and not sink down through the availabilities in the basket.

Control panel on the GoWISE USA AirFryer

Typically the digital control panel allows you to find the exact time and temperature configurations you want, or for the advantage you can use one of the 8 pre-sets. You can also first select a pre-set and then adjust either some time or the temperature up or perhaps down. The pre-programmed options are:

  •  Warm-up (for preheating the air fryer) – a little bit at 176°F
  • Chips (for all us Southerners, this is “fries”) – 20 short minutes at 392°F
  •  Chicken — 25 minutes at 356°F
  •  Steak – 15 minutes in 356°F
  •  Shrimp – thirty minutes at 320°F
  •  Beef – 20 minutes from 356°F
  •  Cake – a half-hour at 320°F
  •  Fish: 20 minutes at 392°F


It’s always helpful to look into the owner’s manual before you purchase, but until recently ?t had been missing from the manufacturer’s internet site. For the record, last year while I emailed customer service with some queries, it only took them with regards to 2 hours to respond. That they provided answers on specifics and also sent me a backup of the owner’s manual.

Eventually, the manual is now available on the web: See instruction manual here. The idea isn’t huge by any means, but it really does give you a close-up go through the parts as well as a brief part with a cooking guide and also tips.

Among all the concerns and reviews on Amazon online there are several complaints about defective or maybe broken units. In every event I found, there was a response in the manufacturer requesting that the miserable customer contacts them. The fact the company is monitoring on the web reviews* and responding, usually indicate they want their customers to reach your goals with purchases, and the firm is being proactive in seeking to address and resolve troubles.

There may be still ample evidence of the corporation monitoring online complaints, however in recent months they are responding less often. Is considered too soon to draw just about any big conclusions from that, however, worth noting.

Overall, almost all consumers are very satisfied with the effects they get with this air flow fryer. You will find some complaints, but also in many cases that may be due to faults by the user. Unless you happen to be already experienced at atmosphere-frying, you should expect no less than a small learning curve, though the manual provides a number of useful information. For instance, if your food is preparing food unevenly, you may need to stop along with a shake or turn it half way through the cooking process. You additionally may have overloaded the baskets, and it may take a little learning from your errors to learn the difference between “full” and “too much”.

Another highlight is now a very small recipe ingredients booklet available from GoWISE at Air Fryer Tested recipes Volume 1. Don’t receive too excited because it merely contains 14 recipes. Nonetheless, it’s a nice variety of pots and pans – fries, sandwiches, beef, fish, desserts, appetizers rapid so that gives you a good manual on help you adapt your own tips and recipes. You’ll additionally find extra tips in typically the “trouble shooting” section.

Similar to all airframers, the GoWISE is a large appliance that creates a pretty big footprint. Of course it is all about your priorities, nevertheless, keep that in mind if you have a very limited area or a tiny kitchen.

An advantage that you’ll get while using more expensive Philips models is Philips makes a double roof-rack that fits inside the fryer to enhance your total cooking room. That double rack inside the with the Philips HD9230 although sold separately as accessories for the Philips HD9220. Often the GoWISE does not offer this sort of double rack or everything similar.

GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer instructions open to show cooking carrier

What’s Included

This type includes only the nylon uppers basket, which you can see from the picture at right. The actual basket is suitable for air baking, roasting, and grilling. (All of these air fryers assert you can grill in them, but for my mind, that’s a very unfastened definition of “grilling”. )

Quotes for quality products to bake or make liquid or semi-liquid food items, you’ll need to also get the baking pan. For that view Optional Accessories (the quite next section).

Complaints are generally relatively few on the GoWISE. The only legitimate problem I ran across were several reports how the nonstick coating started pulling of old skin off the basket of devices that were still fairly brand-new. This unit does have a single year warranty (1 season on the unit, 30 days in parts), so if you experience that will or any other problems you must contact the manufacturer.

All of those grievances are in the Amazon customer opinions for this product. As mentioned ahead of, GoWISE responded to every one of associated with a request that the buyer contacts the company to give these people a chance to respond.

Aside from that, other folks complain about weak results – foods which might be burned or cooked erratically or just didn’t taste great. Most hilarious are the single guy who said this is a great product for when you come to an end of oil. Well, you have got to figure that perspective will play a role in your pleasure. No one claims you’ll obtain the exact same taste as if you deep fry in sauces. What you do get is a preference that’s very close and much, a lot better for your health.

I’d compare the idea to pie crust. Should you be old enough, you can remember precisely how absolutely wonderful your grandmother’s pie crusts used to be. You have tried every recipe in addition to trick in the book, however, yours is never as good as hers was. That’s because a while ago, Grandma was using true, old-fashioned, 100% lard. You may still buy those goods, and you can make a crust just as delicious and as flaky as the old-timey variety, but knowing what we recognize now, do you really want to try to eat that?

The people who have the best results are those who preserve an open mind and also make time to read the instructions. Don’t count on perfection on your very first makes an attempt, and do be willing to try things out a little.

Over 75% of shoppers have given this air fryer five stars and are delighted by it. It’s easy to use, and it may be easier to clean than c up grease spatter through out your kitchen from serious frying. You’ll find a good amount of reports of successful, yummy results with french fries as well as sweet potato fries, chicken breast pieces, and chicken nuggets, fish sticks and nopal steaks and other types of sea food, and yes, a few get even baked cakes.

The size and style can be a drawback, so you might desire to look at those exterior proportions again and get out your leader. But then, all air fryers are big, and you may furthermore end up using your GoWISE sometimes that it’s worth often the counter space it takes upwards.

While the GoWISE USA Air Fryer might not be the most a fact brand on the market, it’s a very good product at a very reasonable price tag. Its design includes taking care features plus a cooking ability similar to its major opponents. Complaints are rare, as well as consumer ratings have always been high over time. All things considered, the actual GoWISE is a great choice for great buy shoppers and anyone who wants to present air frying a try with out making a big investment. Accomplish your health a favor, and also check it out today!